Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday - Dec. 2

14" Box Step-ups
 - 858 steps, 1,001 ft. elevation
 - time 38:02
 - mountaineering boots and 15# pack
 aveHR 138
 maxHR 152

Recumbent Bike
 - 30 minutes
 - level 6/20
 - distance 7.20
 ave HR 117
 max HR 128

Played with using a vapor barrier (trash bags) with my boots today.  Might have had a fold on my left heal as it developed a hot spot, no blister but could feel it.  My liner socks were thoroughly soaked, but my heavy sock and boot inners were very dry, which is the point.  I can see the point for multi-day trips and keeping the insulation dry.  I sweat a good bit and don't want my feet to freeze due to sweat build-up.  More testing to come.

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climber511 said...

I used them on Denali in my boots and in my sleeping bag also. They do work but you have to take care to dry out your feet each night or bad things can happen. Buy an actual pair of fitted VBLs for your boots - trash bags always get hot spots. VBLs aren't really designed to be used except when it is very cold - below zero to just increase the warmth of your system or on multi day/week trips where getting insulation damped out is dangerous.