Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday - Sept. 23

Erg - 5 minutes
 - 1311 m
 - 1:54.5 ave500m

Dynamic Warm-up

Hurdle Jumps

 - 12" x 6
 - str./lat./str. x 4 each

15 minutes (EDT) - 10 sets of each, felt really solid in this series
 - Squat @ 245#x 5
 - Press @ 115# x 5

5 minutes Rest

15 minutes (EDT) - 10 sets of each
 - Dip + 14kg x 5
 - Rock Ring Pullup x 5

5 minutes Rest

12 minutes (EDT) - 6 sets of each
 - Pistol x 3 (r/l)
 - Exercise Ball Leg Curl x 6 (r/l)
 - Lat. Raise @ 12.5# x 6

Toes-to-Bar (tempo 4-1-4)
 - 4 x 4

Total time: 1 hour 36 minutes

ave HR 120
max HR 157


climber511 said...

That's some impressive work capacity.

Andrew Durniat said...

It is really starting to all come together and I feel like I am just beginning. My weekly time volume is around 7 hours. Hard to believe some guys are getting in 15 hours.

climber511 said...

How are you counting the time volume? Are you including the weights and cardio in the total time? And are you tracking the Zone 1 time separately? I struggle to stay in Zone one, I can't do it with the weight training - things get too high to quickly lifting - I need to track the overall average HR during the lifting portion I guess. I am "making" myself go slow enough for Zone 1 on the Rower, Bike, and walks - it's a struggle to go that easy but I hope it will pay off long term.

Andrew Durniat said...

Warm-ups, weights and cardio (hiking, biking, running) all counted in my time volume. I have not been keeping track of climbing volume, too sporadic. Zone 1 doesn't happen during weights with me either. I just record my average and max as a guide. I am able to stay in Zone 1 during the elliptical and biking. Running was an eye opener, but did a much better job today.

I am already noticing that my heart rate recovery is drastically improving. I can go from 150s to 80s in 2 minutes.

climber511 said...

I just figured out how to use some functions on my HR watch (well I hope I have anyway). I have been keeping them separate but want to do a better job of tracking things. I'm seemingly making good progress and like you my return HR to under 100 is much quicker than before. The Stairmaster at Seneca should tell us something - I have not been adding a pack yet so we will see.