Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov. 3 - Tuesday

Snatch @ 32kg, single arm switch
- 8 minutes @ 18 rpm - 72 / 71 total - hand tear on left hand last rep, didn't drop bell, but not worth another rep.

Farmers Hold @ 40kg each hand
- 2 minutes On / 2 minutes rest x 2

GH Raise
- 3 x 10

Any hand healing tips will be much appreciated. It is a quarter sized blood blister that has not broken open.


Eric St-Onge said...

I recommend draining the blood from the blister by using a needle. That's what I've always done and seems to heal quicker.

Plus, from personal experience, if you leave it as is, the blood will dry up and the skin in that area will be stained brown. Looks ugly.

Good job with snatches!

optraining said...

Thank you. That seems to be the consensus.

Max Shank said...

Make sure you poke the hole in the good skin and not on the blister itself. The hole should go underneath the skin from the good skin to the blister and drain like irrigation.

By the way, I've done some barbell juggling with just the bar and i usually get stuck in and endless cycle of spinning it around my body.

optraining said...

HAHAHA, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Have fun with it Max.