Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov. 17 - Tuesday

KB Double Clean + Jerk @ 32kg
- 10 sets of 5 on the minute (increased to 6 rpm after 4 minutes)

Ring Dips
- 3 x 8

- 3 x 8


30 to 47 said...


did you do like 5 reps in 40 seconds that rest in the rack for the remaining 20 seconds

or put the bells down?

do you still rest in the rack to side or just sit back? does your new rack resting technique hurt your back if you do it to the side?

also how important do you feel weightlifting shoes are for jerks, and clean and jerks?

great work keep it up

optraining said...

I was setting the bells down for the remaining 30-40sec. of the minute today.

I rest to the side but jerk squared up.

Weightlifting shoes help to bring the hips forward, making the rack position easier for most people.