Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday - Feb. 24

2-arm Jerk @ 32kg
- 3 minutes @ 8 rpm
- 3 minutes @ 12 rpm
- 1.5 minutes @ 12 rpm

Break for 4 hours

2-arm Jerk @ 32kg
- 10 minutes @ 4 rpm

Break for 1.5 hours

Snatch @ 32kg, single arm switch
- 8 minutes @ 15 rpm

Swings @ 32kg
- 30 / 30

I tried to do a 10-minute jerk set this morning and felt like shit. I didn't get very much sleep last night and I could tell as soon as I picked up the bells. I tried switching to shorter sets at 12 rpm and still was not happy with my performance. So I went home for lunch and back to work for a few hours and can back with a different approach. 10-minutes at 4 rpm was good. I then had a few more clients and finished with the snatch set. I was worried before starting and thought 6 minutes would be nice. As I progressed through the first minute I began to believe I could go 8-minutes like I had wished.

Time for bed and good sleep tonight.

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