Thursday, July 31, 2008

Training Day - July 30 - Wednesday

4 minutes Heavy Bag

Diesel Crew 2-minute Shoulder Warm-up

Standing Overhead Press w/ bands
100 lbs. + mini bands - 15 sets of 3 on the minute

Bent Over Row w/ bands
90 kg + mini band - 15 sets of 3 on the minute

15 minutes (EDT)
Renegade Row @ 32 kg
8 sets of 5 reps

Incline DB Press @ 80 lbs.
8 sets of 5 reps

Zulu Abs x 12
Zulu abs is an ab complex my uncle showed me back when I was in high school. Zulu was a local lifter in Toledo while my uncle was growing up and training. He had this ab routine where he would do 10-15 crunches on a flat bench followed by and equal number of leg raises, this was repeated 3 times with no rest. It works for me.

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