Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Training Day - July 15 - Tuesday

Speed Bench @ 165 lbs. + mini bands
15 sets of 3 on the minute

Kettlebell Clean + Jerks @ 24kg
1) 8
2) 8
3) 8

1) 8
2) 8
3) 8

Bench felt good today and i'm glad this will be one of my last bench workouts. The only reason I started benching again was because, Incline Log Press for reps is one of the events in this weekends strongman competition.

I went with KB long-cycle today because 1) I haven't done it in a while, 2) I wanted to take it easy on my spinal erectors, 3) kettlebell meet next weekend in Fenton, MI. I continue to wear a shinguard on my right forearm.


Terence Mitchell said...

hi Andrew

Firstly I'd like to say that your blog and training looks great!! its great to see someone achieving high levels of strength and endurance using good old fashioned basic exe's and hard work!

It's rather weird but my stats are almost identical to yours ( height, weight etc)and it appears we share the same strengths and 'not so' strengths! ( i don't use the word weaknesses) in almost all of our lifts.

Please check out my blog when you have the time, i'd really appreciate your input!

South Africa

lopa said...

Best of luck tomorrow!!!