Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept. 1 - Tuesday

Barbell Snatch
3 x 40 kg
3 x 50
3 x 55
3 x 60

Dynamic Squat @ 205# (50%) + #4 bands
- 15 sets of 2 reps on the minute

5 x 135#
5 x 185
5 x 225 (40%)
5 x 280 (50%)
5 x 335 (60%)

KB Snatch @ 24kg, single arm switch
- 10 minutes @ 18 rpm

I have had a few people ask me how I feel my kettlebell training carries over to grip and other strength lifts. On the grip side, most definitely, when I am doing high rep snatch and swing sets. My grippers and thickbar support strength is also usually very high. Now as a side note to this, I believe it took me time to develop the gripper and thickbar support strength by using those implements. The kettlebell training has allowed me to maintain that strength without directly training those implements. The kettlebell work has also given my great grip endurance so when I do train grip, I am able to up the volume and have success in a short period of time. The grip endurance also pays off big time in grip competition as I will always finish the day strong.

Kettlebell sport training does not carryover to the powerlifts unless I train them. My squat strength is most effected. If I do not squat, my top end strength drops rather dramatically, but I think if anyone stops squatting the same will hold true. Deadlift and overhead pressing power are usually strong (deadlift being something I have a natural afinity towards), and they respond very quickly to an increase in specific work after only kettlebell sport training.

Overall, I think the kettlebell sport training does add some strength, namely the spinal erectors, hamstrings and overhead stability. Strength endurance, grip and total body coordination are also greatly enhanced through kettlebell sport training.

Feel free to continue sending me questions regarding my training. Thanks for reading.


David said...

Great post. Thanks for the insights.

Terence Mitchell said...

Great post and very interesting points Andrew.

I agree 100%

My max squat strength dissapears in a flash if I don't squat, even if I do a whole bunch of strongman type moves ( yoke walking, sled pulling/pushing, tire flipping ect)
Basically I HAVE to squat.

with DL, I can do very very little DL's and provided I do heavy Post chain work ie: odd objects loading, heavy swings, GM's my DL constantly goes up! Funny thing is too much heavy DL's and it goes down!!

BP is prob the most highly specific animal there is for me, maybe because of my very unfriendly BP build ( like yours ) Even if I could MP a ton, my BP was be poor unless I trained it smart and often.

Sorry for the long ramblings... JMHO's