Sunday, June 15, 2008

Training Day - June 14, Saturday

Barbell Clean + Jerk
3 x 40kg
3 x 50
3 x 70
3 x 85
3 x 100

Squats with light jump stretch bands
12 sets of 2 @ 316 lbs. + bands at 1 minute intervals

I haven't done the dynamic squat is a while and these really tested my legs a great bit. In the past I have gained great strength from adding these in.

Standing Barbell Press with mini jump stretch bands
10 sets of 2 @ 140 lbs. + bands at 1 minute intervals

Definitely very taxing as my overhead pressing is weakness of mine.

Finished the day outside with some strongman practice in the Carry and Drag.
2 sets, Carry 220 field stone 30 yds then drag a 500lbs. back 30yds.

Done for the day and feeling good.

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